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Available now: SDa-report ‘Usage of antibiotics in agricultural livestock in the Netherlands in 2017’

The Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Institute (SDa) presents its report ‘Usage of Antibiotics in Agricultural Livestock in the Netherlands in 2017 – Trends, benchmarking of livestock farms and veterinarians’ in English, after this report was published in Dutch in June 2018. With this report, the SDa wants to provide insight into the amounts of antibiotics used in the Dutch veal, broiler, turkey, cattle, pig and rabbit farming sectors in 2017.

In 2017, antibiotic use in terms of defined daily doses animal continued to decline in the turkey farming sector (by 23.7%), broiler farming sector (by 7.8%), veal farming sector (by 3.6%) and pig farming sector (by 1.9%). A modest (by 2.2%) increase was observed for the cattle farming sector, considering the low usage in this sector this increase is seen as natural variation over time.

According to the 2017 data, third-choice antibiotics  (fluoroquinolones and third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins) were once again used very sparingly in the monitored livestock sectors.

Considering developments in usage patterns and usage level reductions, the SDa expert panel decided to revise its benchmarking thresholds. The SDa expert panel’s new benchmarking method is based on two different types of thresholds: benchmark thresholds representing acceptable use, and provisional benchmark thresholds for livestock sectors that do not yet have antibiotic usage patterns reflecting acceptable use.

Read more in the cover letter and the report.

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